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I'm the one on the right, and this smiling guy beside me is Danton - one of the editors of Ladlad 1 and Ladlad 2. A gay icon; I do so much admire him. Hmmm, how did we meet? It was on Solidarity '96 - the Pride March at Remedios Circle. I just came up and started talking to him. Well, two years have passed and this picture was taken during an Undernet #gayManila party last February '98.


Uggggggghhhhhhhhhhh, I hate my hair here. My hair was constantly standing up no matter what I do. Anyway, this man beside me is Fr. Richard - the pioneer of the Metropolitan Community Church in Manila, Philippines. He brought this in 1991 and has now retired from it. This picture was taken last June 1998 at the St. Aelred Seminary - an Order he founded in 1994.


I'm the one with the long hair. Uggggggghhhh, another bad hair day. Still, I found this hunk at the Pride March in New York last 1997. Mitchell, the actor who appeared in Party of Five.


The guy I'm hugging is George, a prominent gay activist in New Jersey. Another cutie, this guy has been challenging current New Jersey laws. So homophobes, stay clear of him!!!

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I'm the one on the left and beside me is Fr. Edgardo Mendoza, the first Filipino pastor of Metropolitan Community Church - Manila.  He assumed position as pastor of MCC - Manila in 1994 when Fr. Richard Mickley retired from it.  This picture was taken in 1999 in a coffee shop at Makati, Metro Manila.


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