Civil Union
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Civil Unions and Spousal rights in New Jersey

    The legislative, legal and socio-political struggle regarding miscidemgenation laws is only beginning.

    This web page will be limited to the current challenge of Civil Unions and their impact on the spouses in the State of New Jersey.  Currently, a request is being made concerning the State of New Jersey tax and IRS tax forms that require Civil Union spouses to lie on government documents.

Civil Union spouses and tax form correspondence:

                                                Sent 1 - to:  NJ Div of Taxation, NJ Dept of Treasury,
                                                                   US Treasury Dept, Internal Revenue Service 8/30/01

                                                Received 1 - from:  NJ Dept of Treasury 9/10/01

                                                Sent 2 - to:  Sen DiFrancesco, Assem Bagger & Kean 9/12/01

                                                Sent 3 - to:  Original letter sent via certified mail:
                                                                   NJ Div of Taxation, NJ Dept of Treasury,
                                                                   US Treasury Dept, Internal Revenue Service 9/24/01

                                                Received 2 - from:  Assem Kean 9/24/01

                                                Sent 4 - to:  NJ Dept of Treasury, NJ Div of Taxation 9/29/01

Appeal Process for the State of New Jersey:

Appeal Process for the U.S. Internal Revenue Service:

Received 1 - from:  NJ Dept of Treasury 10/11/01 Received 1 - from:  Internal Revenue Service 11/05/01
Reply 1 - to:  NJ Div of Taxation, Conference and Appeals
                     Branch, Tax Court of NJ 1/05/02
Reply 1 - to:  US Treasury Dept, Internal Revenue Service
Received 2 - from:  Conference and Appeals Branch 1/22/02
Reply 2 - to:  Conference and Appeals Branch 1/24/04
Received 3 - from Conference and Appeals Branch 1/25/02
Reply 3 - to:  Conference and Appeals Branch 2/06/02

LINKS for resources and material regarding same-sex unions:
Please submit information on links that may be placed at this site.


Green Party Lavender Greens
(The Green Party supports full and complete rights including same-sex civil marriage.)

Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples (U.S.)

Equal Marriage For Same-Sex Couples (Canada)


Take the time and protect yourself, same-sex spouse or partner.

    For those with Civil Unions, please consider Medical Directives and Last Wills & Testaments.  These are necessary whether in civil marriages or civil unions.  Medical directives outline your wishes and place individuals in order of importance to make your choices known and the application to proceed.  Wills are needed even by those in civil marriage.  They may be surprised when property in a spouse's name may not be theirs upon the spouse's death.  Take the time now and save your loved ones grief later.  ( )

miscidemgenation:  "mis-sid&m-j&-'nA-sh&n n (fr Latin miscere-to mix + idem-same + genus-gender;sex) (2001, G. DeCarlo):  of or relating to legal union between same-sex or -gender as in civil marriage or civil union  [A as a in ate, & as a in about, " minor stress mark, ' major stress mark]

See: New Jersey History of LGBT Rights