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Myth or Reality?


The organization below will discuss the full range of dissenting opinions on the issue of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis vs the Stressor Agents/AIDS Hypothesis in the causation of AIDS.

The socio/politico environment supports Germ Theorists' viral causation without the necessary scientific proofs. What is ignored are the stressors including toxic drugs and their effect on the human terrain allowing the manifestation of disease.

Infectious AIDS: Have We Been Mislead? and the Failure of Contemporary Science.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact the address below:

AIDS Health Action (aHA)

P.O. Box 172

Gillette, NJ 07933


What if everything you thought you knew about AIDS was wrong?

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"At last! This is the book every AIDS-watcher has been awaiting, in which the most prominent and persistent critic of HIV as the cause of AIDS presents his case most exhaustively and popularly. Duesberg, himself a virologist, stoutly maintains that HIV cannot cause AIDS because it fails to meet the rules by which a virus is implicated as disease-causing. He says that the causes of AIDS in First World countries most probably are overuse of toxic drugs--by legal prescription (e.g., AZT) as well as illicit use (e.g., the nitrite inhalants known as poppers that are used to enhance sexual capability)--and multiple and repeated infections with venereal diseases; in the Third World, they are malnutrition and maladies (e.g., tuberculosis) rare in wealthy nations but still prevalent in poor ones as well as, again, substance abuse. Duesberg massively documents and cogently argues these positions but not before laying out the historic and political reasons why most members of his profession and related medical specialists seized on a viral causation for AIDS. Basically, virologists wanted another success like that with polio and, frustrated by complete failure to find viral causes for cancer, took up AIDS as the perfect challenge as well as, once HIV was discovered, a ticket for prolonging their first-class ride on the medical research gravy train. Strong stuff, but Duesberg has never been alone in this analysis or in his scientific arguments. He has never before gathered his case together and presented it to the general public, though, so regard this book as a milestone essential to any collection concerned with AIDS." - Booklist

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THE AIDS CULT: Essays on the gay health crisis. Edited by John Lauritsen & Ian Young. Photographs and appendices.

THE AIDS CULT is the first book to deal comprehensively with the real reasons gay men are becoming sick in ways that are called "AIDS".

The editors, John Lauritsen and Ian Young, and the other six contributors to The AIDS Cult are all at least skeptical of the hypothesis that a virus is the cause of the dubiously defined illness known as "AIDS". However, even those who accept the orthodox AIDS model will learn much from THE AIDS CULT, which examines psychological and cultural issues -- the ways religious intolerance, group fantasies, toxic drugs, pharmaceutical propaganda, deadly counselling, and a Cult of Doom have acted together to destroy the health of gay men.

In his Introduction Ian Young writes: "The orthodox view of our protracted health crisis -- as a highly infectious contagion from without -- has been found wanting.... we must seek the causes of this and other medical dilemmas in our own society, our own assumptions, our group-fantasies, our regimens, our recreations, and our rituals."

Both editors have been active in the gay movement since the 60s, which lends weight to their criticisms of some aspects of the homosexual subculture: drug abuse, dehumanized meeting places, unhealthful sexual practices, and a cultic acceptance of victimhood. John Lauritsen maintains: "The time has come for gay men to do a ruthlessly honest reappraisal of our environment, our identities, and the ways that we live."

Despite depictions of horrible realities, the essays in THE AIDS CULT convey a message of hope. According to Lauritsen: "With the burden of fear lifted from them, there is no reason why those with positive results on the HIV-antibody tests should not live to a ripe old age, provided they take care of themselves and keep poisons out of their body."

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