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More Gay Asian Films 7

versaceVersace Murder (directed by Menahem Golan)

vive.gif (7883 bytes)Vive L'amour (directed by Tsai Ming-Liang)

We Are TransgendersWe Are Transgenders (directed by Lulu Ogawa)

Wedding BanquetThe Wedding Banquet (directed by Ang Lee)

Who's the Woman, Who's the ManWho's the Woman, Who's the Man (directed by Peter Chan Ho-San)

Wild SideWild Side (directed by Sebastien Lifshitz)

First Love and Other PainsXinhui (First Love and Other Pains) (directed by Simon Chung)

yang.gif (7833 bytes)Yang and Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema (directed by Stanley Kwan)

Yellow FeverYellow Fever (directed by Raymond Yeung)

Yours Emotionally!Yours Emotionally! (directed by Sridhar Rangayan)

Hold you tightYue kuai le, yue duo luo (Hold You Tight) (directed by Stanley Kwan)

Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah Ze MoveehZsaZsa Zaturrnah Ze Moveeh (directed by Joel Lamangan)

·some of the gay films that I mentioned above are not listed by Drop a line to, and ask them how you could purchase these films.·

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