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Autograph = Late Latin autographum, from neuter of Latin autographus, written with one's own hand, from Greek autographos : auto-, auto- + graphein, to write.

Autography* = the study of autographs.


Mitchell Anderson

quentin.jpg (9608 bytes)

Quentin Crisp

Nick DeOcampo

Nick DeOcampo


Jomar Fleras

Neil Garcia

Neil Garcia


Tim Kirkman


Martin Manalansan IV

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Richard Mickley

Johan Paulik

Johan Paulik

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Nicholas Pichay

danton.jpg (3237 bytes)

Danton Remoto

lukas.jpg (11140 bytes)

Lukas Ridgeston

dirk.jpg (5603 bytes)

Dirk Shafer

john.jpg (11990 bytes)

John Waters

Peter Berlin

Peter Berlin

Clive Barker

·Neither autographs nor accompanying editorial matter is indicative of that person's sexual orientation, conduct, or actual quotation.·

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