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Bite Hard

Bite Hard

by Justin Chin

Manic D Press

first printed © 1997

Burden of Ashes

by Justin Chin

Alyson Books

first printed © 2002

Peculiar Chris

Peculiar Chris

by Johann S. Lee

Cannon Int.

first printed © 1992


Abraham's Promise

by Philip Jeyaretnam

Univ of Hawaii Press

first printed © 1995


Mongrel: Essay'S,

Diatribes, Pranks


by Justin Chin

Griffin Trade Paperback

first printed © 1998

Rainbow Connection

The Rainbow



by Ng King Kang

KangCuBine Publishing

first printed © 1999




by Justin Chin

Manic D Press

first printed © 2001

Attack of the


Lotus Blossoms

by Justin Chin

Suspect Thoughts Press

first printed © 2005

SQ21: Singapore

Queers in the 21st


by Ng-Yi Sheng

first printed © 2006

From Leonard to Leona:

A Singapore Transexual's

 Journey to Womanhood

by Leona Lo

Singapore Press

first printed © 2007


·some of the gay books that I mentioned above are not listed by Drop a line to, and ask them how you could purchase these books.·

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