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Asian Reference

Asian American

Asian American Sexualities:

Dimensions of the Gay

and Lesbian Experience

ed. by Russell Leong


first printed ©1995.


A Lotus of Another Color:

Unfolding of the South Asian

Gay and Lesbian Experience

ed. by Rakesh Ratti

Alyson Publications

first printed © 1993.

Q and A

Q & A: Queer in Asian America

(Asian American History

and Culture)

eds. David L. Eng/Alice Y. Hom

Temple University Press

first printed © 1998.

Asian Homo

Asian Homosexuality

eds. Wayne R. Dynes/

Stephen Donaldson

Garland Publications

first printed © 1992.

The Rice Queen Diaries

 by Daniel Gawthrop


Arsenal Pulp Press

first printed © 2005

Third Pink

The Third Pink Book

ed. Aart Hendriks et. al.


Prometheus Books

first printed © 1993

witness.gif (15093 bytes)

Witness Aloud: Lesbian, Gay

and Bisexual Asian/Pacific

American Writings

ed. by Chi Tsang


Asian American Writers' Workshop

first printed © 1993

Human Services

Gays and Lesbians in Asian

and the Pacific:

Social and Human Services

eds.Gerard Sullivan/

Laurence Wai-Teng Leong

Haworth Press

first printed © 1995.

menofcol.gif (7237 bytes)

Men of Color:

A Context for Service to

Homosexually Active Men

ed. by John F. Longres, PhD.


Harrington Park Press

first printed © 1996

Take Out: Queer Writing

From Asian Pacific America

eds. Quang Bao, Hanya

Yanagihara, Timothy Liu

Asian American Writers

first printed © 2001

Gay and Lesbian Asia:

Culture, Identity, Community

eds. Gerard Sullivan/

Peter Jackson

Haworth Hospitality Press

first printed © 2001


Homoeroticism in Classical

Arabic Literature

eds. J.W. Wright/

Everett K. Rowson

Columbia University Press

first printed © 1997

Revolutionary Voices

Revolutionary Voices

ed. Amy Sonnie

Alyson Publications

first printed © 2000

Best Gay Asian Erotica

Best Gay Asian Erotica

ed. Joel Barraquiel Tan

Cleis Press

first printed © 2004

some boys

Some Boys

by Michael Davidson

Gay Men's Press

first printed © 1998


Rice: Explorations Into Gay

Asian Culture and Politics

ed. by Song Cho

Queer Press Non Profit Comm.

first printed © 1998.


The Penguin Book of

International Gay Writing

ed. Mark Mitchell


first printed © 1996

multicul.gif (9075 bytes)

Multicultural Queer:

Australian Narratives

eds. Gerard Sullivan/ Peter A. Jackson

Haworth Press

first printed © 1999

Naked Asia

Naked Asia:

Photographs of Asian American Men

by Clifford Baker/ David Leddick

Janssen Verlag

first printed © 2003

minor.gif (8107 bytes)

An Asian Minor: The True

Story of Ganymede

by Felice Picano

The Sea Horse Press

first printed © 1981

Restoried Selves

Restoried Selves: Autobio. of Queer

Asian-Pacific-American Activists

by Kevin K. Kumashiro

Harrington Park Press

first printed © 2003

Escapades of a Gay Traveler:

Sexual, Cultural, and

Spiritual Encounters

by Joseph Itiel

Haworth Press

first printed © 2003


Coming Out: an anthology

of international gay and

lesbian writings

ed. Stephan Likosky

Pantheon Books

first printed © 1992

Out in the World

Out in the World: Gay and

Lesbian Life from Buenos

Aires to Bangkok

by Neil Miller

Vintage Books

first printed © 1993

·some of the gay books that I mentioned above are not listed by Drop a line to, and ask them how you could purchase these books.·

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