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Asian Religion


The Gay Kama Sutra

by Colin Spencer

St. Martin's Press

first printed © 1997

Queer Dharma

Queer Dharma

ed. by Winston Leyland

Gay Sunshine Press

first printed © 1998


Corpus Christi - a play

by Terrence McNally


first printed © 1999


Islamic Homosexualities:

Culture, History, and Literature


eds. Stephen O. Murray/Will Roscoe

New York University Press

first printed © 1997

Sex Longing

Sex Longing & Not Belonging:

A Gay Muslim's Quest

for Love and Meaning

by Badruddin Khan

Floating Lotus

first printed © 1997

sex erotic

Sexuality & Eroticism Among

Males in Moslem Societies


eds. Arno Schmitt/Jehoeda Sofer

Harrington Park Press

first printed © 1991

Buddha's Kisses

Buddha's Kisses

by Richard Ronan

Gay Sunshine Press

first printed © 1980

Gay Travels in the Muslim World

ed. Michael T. Luongo

Harrington Park Press

first printed © 2007


·some of the gay books that I mentioned above are not listed by Drop a line to, and ask them how you could purchase these books.·

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