District 21 Greens

the alternative choice for the 2003 New Jersey Legislative elections

Covering parts of Essex, Morris, Somerset & Union Counties in New Jersey

Environmental and Social Justice candidates for the people and state

The Watchung Reservation

The Great Swamp

George DeCarlo for Assembly - Teresa Migliore-DiMatteo for Senate - Ryan Reyes for Assembly

We want your vote on

November 4, 2003

Election Day

(Column C)

George DeCarlo  for  Assembly [email]

Teresa Migliore-DiMatteo  for  Senate [email]

Ryan Reyes  for  Assembly [email]


"Democrats maintain hold in Plainsboro", The Princeton Packet 11-7-03

"Assembly accolades" (endorsement for Hochfelder), The Daily Targum 11-4-03

"David Hochfelder", The Daily Targum 11-3-03

"Karcher leads Bennett slightly in poll", Asbury Park Press 11-2-03

"Republican stranglehold is still firm in 16th", The Times 11-2-03

"4 committee hopefuls competing in Plainsboro", The Times 11-2-03

"Green Party's Senate candidate's health a campaign challenge", Asbury Park Press 11-1-03

"No surprise:  Dems more trusted on issues" The Jersey Journal 11-1-03

"Independents offer alternative but face hurdles", The Daily Journal 11-1-03

"NJPIRG attempts to bring students to polls", The Daily Targum 10-31-03

"Green Party is getting the message across" Bridgeton News 10-31-03

"All agree in 13th District:  Ethics reform needed", Asbury Park Press 10-30-03

"Property tax, school funds are key issues" Herald News 10-30-03

"Vote in your own best interest" Jersey Journal 10-30-03

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Green Party Press Releases

Assembly Candidates Support Civil Union Bill 6-12-03

Asm. Ahearn (Green-38 District) Civil Union bill introduced 6-5-03


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New Jersey Green Party candidates in county ballot columns

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Clean Money Campaigns

Choice in eliminating PAC, corporate and personal wealth for elections


Sound Barriers

Routes 78 and 24


Health Initiative

Single-payer universal health plan with protection for freedom of medical choice


School Funding

End property tax to fund public schools in favor of a progressive state income tax


Voting Reforms

Instant Runoff Voting for all elections


Social Justice

Abolition of the death penalty / Full and complete rights for all state residents



Restrict mini-development in established towns and sprawl statewide





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District 21


"Election 2007" Watchung Communications, Inc. Community Newspapers 11-06-07


"Eight battle for three spots on county's freeholder board" Worrall Community Newspapers 10-30-03


"Campaign war chest overflow" The Courier-News 10-30-03

    The Home News Tribune

    Gannett State Bureau


"Three parties vie, but Union still dominates District 21", The Chatham Courier 10-23-03


"Fractured Democratic Party battles in 21st Dist.: Green Party puts forth a full slate for legislative seats up for grabs", The Star-Ledger 10-21-03


New Jersey Schools Boards Association and partisan politics - a letter, 10-20-03


"Freeholder candidates spare over issues", Worrall Community Newspapers 10-15-03


"Dems running on their record:  Incumbents facing freeholder hopefuls", The Star-Ledger 10-12-03


"Candidates Advocate Choice for Clean Money Campaigns", The Westfield Leader 10-9-03


"Green Party fields Reyes", Filipino Reporter 8/15-21/03


"Green Party and independent emerge for freeholder", Worrall Newspapers 6-5-03


"Election process in N.J. unfair to third parties", Home News Tribune 5-18-03


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District 21 Candidates

Green Party portion of Union County ballot for District 21

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District 21 Press Releases

Green Party of New Jersey Members and Supporters and Petition Signers letter

Green Party Candidates for New Jersey Legislative District 21 Advocate Choice for Clean Money Campaigns in New Jersey

Alternative Health community letter

District 21 Greens Support Single-Payer Universal Health Insurance with the right of Freedom of Medical Choice

Greens Hail the U.S. Supreme Court Decision Overturning the Texas Sodomy Law


Donations may be made to the address below by filling out the "District 21 Greens" campaign contribution forms:  [check form]

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To volunteer or to be placed on the campaign mailing list, please submit your contact information to the following [form].

Contact:  P.O. Box 172, Gillette, NJ 07933 ● (908) 322-4319 ●  CampaignManager@District21Greens.org

District 21 serves Berkeley Heights, Chatham Township, Cranford, Garwood, Harding, Long Hill, Madison, Millburn, Mountainside, New Providence, Roselle Park, Springfield, Summit, Warren, Watchung, Westfield.



The Green Party grounds itself by filtering policies or platforms through the 10 Key Values.  This contrasts with the influence of the political action committee (PAC) with its money not reflecting the needs of the people and their environment but the wishes of non-voting corporate sponsors.

  It is your choice!  Vote Green.

The New Jersey Legislature is so out of touch with the residents of New Jersey that Assemblymen/women and Senators are considered part-timers whose salaries are $49,000 with health benefits. Legislator job positions <click here>.



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